Fuck tumblr updates

Anyways the real reason why I opened this app is because I just wrote another poem thats kinda personal but I want to share it. Im tired of hiding them. This one was inspired by Rent (the one with idina menzel where she became my idol)

So teah im going to revise it later today and hopefully post it tonight :)


My head pounds

To the sound

of the crickets outside my window. 

I stare at the half finished Document

The clock strikes. It is past midnight, 

Yet I am still here.

I once thought 

     I can do it another day - I have time

Now I hate the girl who said that. 

The clock strikes again-

I’ve wasted more time writing this poem


I keep trying to finish my paper, but my stomach keeps growling and my friends keep texting me ( not my best friends though cause they have lives and secretly hate me)



Roaming eyes watching your every move,

Yong Girl, cover yourself-

You don’t want grown men following you

who don’t care about your age. 

Children walk,

with no knowledge of the horrible world they live in.

You need to get out,

or it will kill you.


And before you know it,

Your life in this wasteland will be gone.

-Maddie C